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Women's Circles

“When the women gather the world will heal.”

Hopi Prophecy

New Mama's Circle

As a Birth Doula I want to provide a safe space where we sit together to celebrate the pregnant women and mothers in our community. Our main goal is to encourage you to stop, guide you to relax and tune in the intuition while being surrounded by other sensitive women. Become a New Mama - open, trusting and capable.

Gatherings will have a different topic (see below) each time, but will have a natural flow guided by the collective energy and interests of the women present. They will be happening once a month at The Green Door Centre in Bosham from 2pm until 4:30pm.

Women are bombarded with information, rules and trends when it comes to all the stages of motherhood. Transition to motherhood, starting as early as researching the options for birth, can feel overwhelming, scary and lonely. We are being taught everything, but how to trust ourselves and tap into our intuition and instincts when it comes to giving birth and raising our children. The aspect that should come so naturally to a woman, when she is in contact with herself and with the world around her. So this is the space to practice exactly that - stop the world’s chattering, learn to relax, filter through the tons of information available and tune into what FEELS right.


New Mama’s circle is a supportive community for empathetic women who are passionate about all things motherhood - from fertility and birth, all the way to mothering and finding herself in the new role. This is a child free event, but mamas are welcome to join us with immobile babies (non crawlers).

We meditate, talk about our ideal vision of motherhood and speak our fears and struggles with no interruption, doubt or blame. It’s not the place for judgment or advice, but acceptance and encouragement. What is shared in the circle stays there! You leave the circle feeling whole, powerful and part of a beautiful community.

We will be building on the knowledge from one Circle to the other, but I planned all the New Mama’s Circles so that they can be attended independently and in any order, before or after birth.


Tickets are £35 per person, which includes the snacks and drinks at the end of the circle. To reserve a space for all 6 Circles for £185 (instead of £210) and to use the FREE ticket you can collect from me at the Baby Fairs - please get in touch.

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