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Hey, I am glad you are here!

It is so important to find a doula who will be right for YOU! Only then you will be able to be yourself, feel relaxed and build trust - all important during birth! 

So let me tell you my story..

I was born in Estonia and I came to UK in 2009 to study Marketing with Psychology. Living among different cultures all of my life taught me eventually to question everything (after years of questioning myself) until the facts really resonate with me.


I spend years studying and working in marketing until I met my husband (purest of souls, hands-on dad, RNLI guy..) and became pregnant. I passionatly learned everything I could about childbirth and had beautiful natural births both times! It appeared to be a complete opposite to how people around me saw and experienced childbirth and this was the first time I thought about becoming a doula to share what I have learned and believed in! But the short age gap (kids were born only 12 months apart) and an extended maternity leave highlighted everything I ever struggled with. So I started therapy and my personal development journey started, which completely changed the way I saw myself.


I learned that I have a highly sensitive personality, which means I am more aware of social stimuli, care deeply and live intuitively. At this point I reconfirmed my wish to give this world so much more than my marketing career. So I completed the training to become a doula and continued to educate myself ever since! Now I help women see childbirth as natural and beautiful event by discovering their inner strength and using it to achieve the best and most positive birth possible. I look at birth preparation and support not just from physiological and clinical points of view, but also take into account emotional and spiritual aspects. This is exactly what helped me in the beginning of my motherhood journey...


If what you read resonated with you - I will be honored to have the opportunity to get to know you and hear more about your birth goals and wishes. You can find out more about the services I offer or arrange a free intro call!

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