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Fear Free Pregnancy & Birth guide

Transform your perspective on childbirth with this empowering guide. Dive into journaling and resources provided as part of your antenatal prep. It's not just information; it's a transformative journey shaping your beliefs for a positive birth. Remember, the real magic happens when you actively engage with the guide's questions, investing time and energy to build the foundation for a positive birthing experience.

Mindset & Birth Image

Use the journalling prompts to explore the profound essence of childbirth in your own unique perspective and uncover the influences that have sculpted this image over the years. This section is designed to empower you to recognize that the conventional belief of birth as purely painful is just one of many perspectives. 

Internal & External Messages

Continue your journaling journey to unravel the internal messages that have echoed within you until now. Take charge of your narrative by selecting which external messages you welcome in the future, empowering yourself to shape the beliefs that will resonate within. 

Birth Options

Understand the elements that contribute to a positive birth experience. Empower yourself by utilizing the checklist to discern and embrace your various options. This process not only enlightens you but also sets the stage for a truly uplifting and empowering birthing experience. Your choices matter, and this checklist is your guide to making them with confidence and optimism.


Explore the variety of information sources such as documentaries, books, inspiring TED Talks, positive birth stories, and soothing hypnobirthing tracks. Delve into a wealth of both free and affordable information, providing you with a diverse range of choices to enhance your journey.

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