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Prepare yourself for a journey of strength, confidence, and serenity during pregnancy and childbirth with  Birth Affirmation Cards. These beautiful cards are designed by me to empower expectant mothers, helping them embrace the miracle of birth with positivity and grace.


Key Features:

  • This pack includes 10 thoughtfully curated affirmations specifically tailored for pregnancy and childbirth. Each card features a unique affirmation designed to boost your confidence, reduce anxiety, and foster a deep sense of connection with your baby. 1 card is left blank for you to add a personalised affirmation.

  • This is a digital file, so you will be able to download and print it by yourself. I recommend printing them on a cardstock for durability.

  • Once printed - colour them in during pregnancy to create a positive expectation for the upcoming birth, helping you feel calm & in control. When they are finished - hang them around the house and repeat them in your head with intention every time you walk past the cards. Then, when the time comes, hang them in your birth zone ready for labor! 


Benefits of Using Birth Affirmation Cards:

  • Promote Relaxation: These cards can reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calm and peaceful state of mind during pregnancy and labor.

  • Enhance Confidence: Reading and internalizing these affirmations will boost your confidence in your body's innate ability to give birth.

  • Deepen Connection: The affirmations foster a profound emotional connection between you and your baby, enhancing the bonding experience.

  • Supportive Birthing Environment: Use the cards in your birth zone to create a supportive, positive birthing atmosphere.


Versatile Gift: Birth Affirmation Cards make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for any expectant mother. Whether it's a baby shower gift or a surprise for a loved one, these cards offer a touch of inspiration and encouragement during this transformative journey.


Prepare for the birth experience you deserve with Birth Affirmation Cards. Embrace the power of positivity, and let these cards guide you towards a beautiful and empowering birth. 


10 pregnancy & birth colouring affirmation cards - digital file

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