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Scent: honey & vanilla

Affirmation: “Birth can be beautiful and magical even if it didn’t go as planned”


Candles provide positive affirmations of confidence and excitement for the mama to be, as she goes through her special journey!


Affirmations work by repetition - when you repeat the same thoughts in your head over and over you start to believe them. 


Use as a home decor during pregnancy - reading the affirmation and smelling the candle every time you walk past it. Then intentionally light the candle when the labour time comes and the sent will keep reminding you the affirmation!


The candle comes without a container, so when you are ready to burn it make sure to use either an empty candle holder, a ramekin or simply a jam jar. Be aware that the dry decorations will burn during the first few seconds.

"Surrender to magic" affirmation candle

  • Free delivery within UK. 

    Please get in touch for details about international delivery.

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