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Women support around the world

Virtual Support

Doulas are for every family and every type of birth. Wherever you are in the world, I'd love to help you prepare for your pregnancy, birth, & postpartum journey.

Birth Plan
1h, £75

Conversations surrounding your preferences for your and your baby's care are important. Your birth might not going to go to the plan A, but creating a birth plan (or two!) will give you a chance to understand and compare your options and feel empowered to birth your way.

Together we will:

  • chat about your options and note which elements are most important to you

  • look into evidence to make your best informed decision

  • talk about how to advocate for your wishes & navigate choices presented


​After our meeting, I will send a follow-up email including my personal recommendations for your preferences and an editable plan that you can share with your birth team.

Partner Support
1h, £75

Whether you plan to have your partner, friend, and/or family member(s) present at your birth, this session helps your support team understand more about how to serve you with confidence in your birth.
Together we will cover:

  • how to set up your birth environment that facilitates a more comfortable experience

  • the do's and dont's of a support person

  • ways in which to identify your needs & attend to them effectively

  • comfort measures & labor tools

  • what different stages of labor look like & reminder to give for each


After this workshop I will send a follow up email with partner support printables.

Comfort Measures & Tools
1h, £75

Not quite sure how to cope with the intensity of labor? Or have you seen recommended tools but aren't sure how to use them? Let's check it out in detail!
In this session we talk about:​

  • comfort measures for pregnancy

  • preparing to cope with discomfort in every type of birth (medicated and unmedicated)

  • recommendations of what to do in each stage of labor

  • tools that may be helpful to you, where to get them, & how and when to utilize them

  • what to pack/gather for a hospital or home birth

  • ways to encourage spontaneous labor


Following our session, I will email you my personal recommendations for you and a hospital bag checklist.

Body Balancing
1h, £75

A moving mama = a moving baby, and preparing your body during pregnancy not only help get your body ready for birth, but can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy & recovery as well. Every body is different and we will pinpoint which activities may be right for you and which to avoid in your pregnancy and birth.
In this session we cover:​

  • the benefits of body balancing & professionals who can help

  • mindful maternal positioning in everyday life and during labour (with and without epidural)

  • Spinning Babies & The Miles Circuit

  • how to use a birth ball & a peanut ball

  • how to help balance the body to help with labor progress

Following our session, I will email you my personal recommendations for you, and links to resources.

Breathing & Mindfullness
1h, £75

Two of the greatest skills we can take into any type of birth is the ability to breathe effectively & keep a steady mind. Practicing breathing & mindfulness not only sets you up for a better birth, but a better pregnancy & recovery as well.
In this session we cover:​

  • the benefits of intentional breathing

  • how to practice in pregnancy

  • how these practices affect your birth

  • tension release

  • how your thoughts affect your experience and how to reframe them

  • apps and resources that may be helpful to you


Following our session, I will email you my personal recommendations for you, and links to resources.

Personal Recommendation Plan
3h, £200

No matter your current level of preparation, we dive in together to assess what your current strengths & needs may be. This is a "lite" version of the full antenatal support and is perfect for those short on time or budget. With this workshop you get the essential knowledge that is personalised to your needs, the opportunity to ask me any questions and receive the resources to investigate your options further. 

Together we will:

  • talk about general physiology and psychology of birth, breathing & mindfulness practices

  • release any childbirth associated fears you & your partner may have 

  • briefly review comfort measures & partner support

  • chat about your preferences & questions about birth plan

After our meeting, I will send a follow-up email including my personal recommendations for your birth preparation and any resources that might help you. ​

Full Prenatal - Postnatal Support
£600 (online & in person)

If you need a doula available to you throughout pregnancy & postpartum, this is a great package option for you! This options covers the antenatal education and support, plus you will have me at the end of the phone for the preparation period and 6 weeks after birth. We will tailor our work together to suit your needs and wishes.


The antenatal education is delivered by 4 ZOOM sessions (up to 2 hours each)​ and will cover:

  • The physiology of birth - how your brain effects the labour and how to encourage your hormones to help the labour

  • The basic physiology of birth - what happens to your body and your baby during labour

  • Releasing fears that you may have associated with birth

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Preparing your birth plan to cover most outcomes, so you feel informed and in control of your birth

  • The pros and cons of interventions during labour, pain relief and birth place options

  • You rights in pregnancy and birth - learn to advocate for yourself

  • Positions to help your baby during birth

  • Partner support & last weeks prep

  • Postpartum planning

Phone & email support during business hours from contract signing up until birth, and 6 weeks immediately following birth.

I will share my knowledge and experience with you and your birth partner, answer as many questions and concerns as you may have and make sure both of you are feeling positive and excited for the birth of your child.

*Birth day support is a separate add-on to those families in the catchment area & subject to availability (more details).

Prior to booking any of my services we will arrange a call where you can ask any questions and we can get to know each other a bit. This call is non obligatory and free.

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